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Department Of Accounting & Finance

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Department Of Accounting & Finance

In the fast-moving world, business is also fastly emerging. The business world needs more practical knowledge and intelligent work to excel in the world of uncertainties involved in the industry. Our department of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) is created to educate the students on business. It is precisely to enlighten young minds in accounting and finance. Our department is made in the year 2016. The head of the department is Dr J. Janaki, who motivates and guides us to dream and achieve it. Students are trained with real-life experience in business and start-up ideas with the help of Com- biz programmes. And the department helps cultivate the concepts of finance and Investment to practice in their lives through the various domains of the courses offered. The courses offered in Accounting and Finance provide mindful reading and brilliant work efficiency to the students.

    Eligibility Criteria

Applicants with Accountancy, Commerce and Mathematics or Computer Science in higher secondary examination

Accounting & Finance Curriculum

Department of Accounting & Finance

Strategic Framework


  • To emerge as a leading department renowned for producing skilled and ethical accounting and finance professionals who drive financial excellence in diverse industries and contribute to global economic growth.


  • To develop a distinguished centre of excellence, dedicated to providing high-quality education and producing proficient, skilled professionals.
  • To empower students with a comprehensive education in accounting and finance fostering critical thinking, ethical behaviour, and technological proficiency.
  • To collaborate with the broader community, including industry partners, alumni, and professional organizations, to enhance learning opportunities, facilitate knowledge transfer, and foster mutually beneficial relationships.


  • PO1: Capable of demonstrating comprehensive knowledge and understanding of one or more disciplines and number of specializations that form part of the programme.
  • PO2: Capability to apply analytical thought to the body of knowledge and critically evaluate practices, policies and theories by following scientific approach to knowledge development.
  • PO3: Capacity to extrapolate from what one has learnt and apply their competencies to solve different kinds of non- familiar problems and apply one’s learning to real life situations.
  • PO4: Gain analytical skill in undertaking commercial ventures and evaluate the pros and cons of embarking on trade and trade related activities based on their in-depth knowledge.
  • PO5: Ability to use research- based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  • PO6: Makes students industry ready and develop various managerial and accounting skills for better professional opportunities.
  • PO7: Ability to embrace moral/ethical values in conducting one’s life, formulate a position/argument about an ethical issue from multiple perspectives and use ethical practices in all work.
  • PO8: Ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively in writing and orally, communicative with others using appropriate media, confidently share one’s views and express herself / himself, demonstrate the ability to listen carefully and present complex information in a clear and concise manner to different groups.
  • PO9: Ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams, facilitate cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group, and act together as a group or a team in the interests of a common cause and work efficiently as a member of the team.
  • PO10: The program will equip the students with skills and competency to become asuccessful entrepreneur in the in the commerce sector which includes Accounts, Commerce, Marketing, Management and Economics.
  • PO11: Recognize the need of self-education and ability to engage in life - long learning through self-paced and self-directed learning.
  • PO12: Ability to work independently, identify appropriate resources required for a project and manage a project through to completion.


  • PSO1: Apply theoretical concepts to business practices to produce employable, ethical, and innovative professionals to sustain in the dynamic business world.
  • PSO2: Become acquainted with commercial knowledge and to contribute to the development of the society by collaborating with stakeholders for mutual benefit.


  • PEO1.To demonstrate a high level of professional competence in accounting and finance, applying theoretical knowledge to analyse financial information, make informed decisions, and contribute effectively to organizational success.
  • PEO2.To be adept at critical thinking and problem-solving, utilizing analytical skills to address complex financial challenges and make sound decisions in a dynamic business environment.
  • PEO3.To demonstrate adaptability to changes in the business environment, embracing a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development to stay current with evolving accounting and finance practice.

Course Outcomes (COs)