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  • Enhance business skills through workshops, seminars and guest lectures.
  • Focus on improving presentation, leadership and management abilities.
  • Encourage participation and innovation through competitions.

Rise Strategy

  • Optimize - Managerial Skill.
  • Research - Tacit Knowledge.
  • Planning - Career Development.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Plan, organize and execute club events such as workshops, seminars and competitions.
  • Design promotional materials, handle social media and advertise club events to students.
  • Maintain records, handle communications and manage club correspondence.
  • Manage finances and budgeting activities.
  • Support budding entrepreneurs by organizing pitch competitions.
  • Lead training sessions or workshops focused on specific skills like presentation, negotiation or financial literacy.


• Our mission is to provide a dynamic and collaborative environment that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to excel in the field of management. We aim to empower our members to become effective leaders, strategic thinkers, and catalysts for positive change in their organizations and communities.


Vision of the Business Administration Club is to foster a dynamic and inclusive community of aspiring business leaders, where students can develop their skills, knowledge, and networks to thrive in the rapidly evolving world of business administration.

Club members

Club coordinator's

  • Mrs.D.Praveena
  • Mrs.Suma Ganesan
  • Mrs. Uthayalakshmi


1 Santhosh III President
2 R.M.Meenakshi III Vice-President
3 Periyasamy Muthu II Secretary
4 Bharath.I III Event Co-Ordinator
5 Sathya Priya.U III Discipline Head
6 Anees Fathima II Event Co-Ordinator
7 Asvika I Event Co-Ordinator
8 Yogeshwaran.K III Discipline Head
9 Povas III Placement Co-Ordinator
10 Sheeba III Placement Co-Ordinator
11 Prathap.N III Volunteer Co-Ordinator
12 Shathyan.V.K II Volunteer Co-Ordinator
13 David Yabes I Volunteer Co-Ordinator
14 Bhavatharani.S III Volunteer Co-Ordinator
15 Divya.R II Volunteer Co-Ordinator
16 Dharshini I Volunteer Co-Ordinator