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Dr. B.KALPANA M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,


Dear Parents, students and well-wishers of the " Prince Shri Venkateshwara Arts and Science college " - greetings to you all!

At Prince Shri Venkateshwara Arts and Science college, our goal is to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience, through an interdisciplinary approach that combines theory and practice. We strongly emphasize the development of students' behavioural discipline, moral integrity and cognitive abilities, along with academic excellence. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty aim to instil life skills that will help our students grow into responsible, confident and well-rounded individuals.

With over 12 clubs, we offer ample opportunities for our students to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills, and encourage active participation in all co-curricular activities, which are essential in molding them as good citizens.

Our commitment to academic excellence is evident through our consistent performance in producing university rank holders every year. We believe in empowering our students with the skills and confidence required to succeed in this highly competitive world.

We are on an exciting journey to provide a platform for holistic learning to our young learners, and we welcome your suggestions and views that can add more value to our college and its students.

Thank you for choosing Prince Shri Venkateshwara Arts and Science college as your preferred institution for education. We are committed to providing the best possible learning experience to our students and we will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Dr. J.JANAKI M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,


Warm regards! I address you with a tremendous sense of honor and humility as the newly appointed Vice Principal of this esteemed institution. The fact that I have been given this significant responsibility makes me feel incredibly humble.

Our institution is committed to providing a safe and encouraging learning environment for our students. We offer a comprehensive education that prioritizes the holistic development of students, including their social, emotional, physical, and academic growth. Our curriculum is designed to engage and challenge students while helping them gain knowledge and skills necessary for success in their future endeavors. Additionally, we provide a range of extracurricular activities that enhance learning and promote a sense of community among our students.

We offer a wide range of programs and courses to meet the needs of our diverse student body. Our faculty provides a supportive and inspiring learning environment that encourages students to explore their potential. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the success stories of our students.

We work hard to uphold the long history of excellence and innovation at our college by providing a variety of courses and activities. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. We offer a variety of resources to help students succeed, including academic advising, tutoring, career counseling and other student services. Our college is a vibrant and diverse community that puts students first.

Over the past 28 years, our institution has met its targets and catered to the needs of society in higher education through proactive orientation behavior. Our college is committed to providing quality education with the aim of producing talented and responsible leaders in every walk of life, who cherish human values.

Our college features a friendly atmosphere with large, well-equipped classrooms, labs and a library with over 15,000 books, periodicals, and publications. The library uses an automation system to make materials easily accessible to staff and students. We improve our teaching strategies by utilizing ICT and other visual aids. Students can take tutorial and remedial classes to gain a thorough understanding of the subjects. Every year, our students achieve University Ranks, which is evidence of the effectiveness of our teaching modules.

We assess students’ strengths and weaknesses through periodic CIA and by offering a range of bridge courses, certificate courses, life skills and vocational training. Our college offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations to help students discover and develop their inner abilities while enhancing their learning experiences. Through endowment scholarships, merit-based scholarships and Covid support funds, our college assists students in achieving their academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier. The placement cell provides intense placement training with a strong emphasis on developing students' critical-thinking abilities so they can be successfully placed in MNCs and other leading institutions.

We look forward to the wholehearted cooperation and support of all stakeholders in leading this institution to greater glory.