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The objective of our College Women Empowerment Cell is to create an environment that supports and promotes the holistic development, well-being, and empowerment of female students on campus.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Promote Gender Equality:

    • Work towards fostering a campus culture that values and promotes gender equality.
    • Raise awareness about gender-based discrimination and bias.
  • Provide Support and Guidance:

    • Offer mentorship and counseling services to female students, providing a supportive environment for personal and academic growth.
    • Address challenges unique to women in academics, career choices, and personal development.
  • Educate on Women's Rights:

    • Conduct workshops and seminars to educate students on women's rights, gender-based violence, and legal aspects of gender equality.
    • Create awareness about available support systems and resources.
  • Skill Development Programs:

    • Organize skill development programs and workshops to enhance the professional and life skills of female students.
    • Provide opportunities for networking and mentorship in various fields.
  • Facilitate Networking Opportunities:

    • Organize events and activities that facilitate networking among female students, alumni, and professionals.
    • Create a platform for sharing experiences, advice, and opportunities.
  • Mission

    • Work towards the holistic empowerment of women, focusing on personal, academic, and professional development.
    • Advocate for and actively contribute to a campus culture that values and promotes gender equality in all spheres.
    • Create a supportive and inclusive environment that nurtures the well-being, self-esteem, and aspirations of female students.
    • Conduct educational programs to raise awareness about women's rights, gender-based discrimination, and the importance of gender equity.
    • Organize skill development programs to enhance the professional and life skills of women, preparing them for diverse roles.


    • Envision a campus where empowered women emerge as leaders, both within the college community and in broader society.
    • Strive towards a campus environment that is inclusive, safe, and free from gender-based discrimination or harassment.
    • Foster an atmosphere that celebrates the diversity of women's achievements, talents, and aspirations.
    • Inspire women to become agents of positive change, influencing their communities and beyond through their knowledge and leadership.
    • Advocate for continuous improvement in policies and practices that promote gender equality, inclusivity, and women's empowerment.

    Club members

    Club coordinator

    • Dr.V.Srilatha – Tamil Department
    • Mrs.M.Nandhini – English Department

    Club members

    • S.S.MALINI
    • G.SWATHY
    • B.VARSHA
    • K.NALINI