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Rotaract Club of Prince Shri Venkateshwara Arts and Science College


Objectives of our Rotaract club typically include fostering leadership and professional development, promoting community service, building international understanding, and cultivating fellowship among members.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Community Service: Plan and execute various service projects to address local needs and contribute positively to the community.
  • Leadership Development: Facilitate programs and activities that enhance the leadership skills of club members.
  • International Understanding: Promote cultural exchange and global awareness, encouraging members to engage in international projects and activities.
  • Fellowship: Create a supportive and inclusive environment for members to build strong connections and friendships.
  • Collaboration with Rotary: Work closely with sponsoring Rotary clubs, participating in joint initiatives and aligning with the broader Rotary mission.
  • Fundraising: Organize events and initiatives to raise funds for community service projects and club activities.
  • Professional Development: Provide opportunities for members to enhance their professional skills and networks.
  • Public Relations: Effectively communicate the club's activities and impact to the community, fostering a positive public image.
  • Membership Recruitment: Actively recruit and engage new members to sustain and grow the club.
  • Event Planning: Coordinate and execute various events, including meetings, social gatherings, and fundraisers.


The mission of our Rotaract club is to provide young adults with opportunities for personal and professional development, leadership training, and dedicated service to the community. Through these activities, Rotaract aims to foster a sense of global citizenship, promote goodwill, and contribute to the betterment of society.


The vision of our Rotaract club is to be a dynamic and influential force within the community, inspiring young leaders to make a positive impact through service, fostering international understanding, and creating a network of empowered individuals dedicated to promoting goodwill and fellowship worldwide.

Club members

Club coordinator

  • Mrs. S. M. Surya
  • Ms. J. Shilpa

Club members

  • President : D.Dhanush
  • Vice President : A.Dharshan
  • President Elect : D.Bharath
  • Secretary : A.Pushparaj
  • Joint Secretary : G.Madhumitha
  • Treasurer : A.Bhuvana
  • Membership Chair : N.Aarthi
  • Rotary Foundation Chair : S.Esthar
  • Service Projects Chair : B.Srimathi
  • Public Image Chair : R.Ashwini
  • Sergeant at Arms : S.Misfer Suhail
  • PRO : R.Yuvashree
  • Chairman Events and Entertainment : M.Raja Sriveelan
  • Community Service Director : P.Dharani
  • Associate Community Service Director : C.Sathya
  • Chairman Fundraise : E.Jeeva Vaishnavi
  • International Service Director : D.Dharshini
  • Club Service Director : L.Nasreen Banu
  • Professional Service Director : H .Pavithra
  • Associate Professional Service Director : Mownica.S
  • Editor : A.Damodaran
  • Associate Editor : S.Gopika
  • Creatives Head : K Padmavasini
  • Creatives Associate : P.Aravind
  • Go Green Chairman : M.Sangeetha
  • Climatic Warrior : S.Priyadhashini