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Computer Science with Data Science

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Department Of Computer Science with Data Science

Data Science is a branch that deals with the extraction of information from data. It is a relatively new field that combines aspects of statistics, machine learning, and computer science. Data Science aims to turn data into actionable insights that can be used to make better decisions. Emphasizing the enhancement of skills for more effective and informed decision-making through data-driven approaches, the Department of Computer Science with Data Science has been established in our college in the year 2022, to equip our students with a strong foundation in computer science principles and specialized skills in data science. The Bachelor of Computer Science with Data Science is offered with a high intention to prepare students for the evolving demands of the tech industry, where the ability to analyze and derive insights from large datasets is highly valued. Through a cadre of proficient and qualified educators, we deliver an exemplary educational foundation encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects, utilizing various Data Analytics tools alongside inventive and creative teaching methodologies. The department organizes various activities such as seminars, workshops, and competitive events to motivate the students to showcase their talents in this cognitive field.

Eligibility Criteria - UG

Applicants with Mathematics in higher secondary examination.

Computer Science With Data Science Curriculum

Department of Computer Science with Data Science

Strategic Framework


  • To foster innovation and empower future leaders in data science with a global perspective. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we aim to drive advancements across industries and push the frontiers of data science to meet the evolving needs of the global landscape.


  • To equip our students to navigate and excel in the complexities of managing, analyzing, and deriving valuable insights from vast datasets, by providing a comprehensive education in data analytics
  • To prepare our students to be adept in harnessing the power of data, fostering innovation, and navigating the complexities of the evolving field of data science through a dynamic and forward-thinking curriculum
  • To empower our students not only to meet academic standards but also to excel in real- world scenarios, by instilling the qualities in logical thinking, decision-making, reliability, and the practical application of a robust theoretical foundation.


  • PO 1: Apply principles of computer science and mathematics to analyze and solve complex computing problems.
  • PO 2: Students will acquire basic Practical skills & Technical knowledge along with domain knowledge of different subjects in the Computer Science.
  • PO 3: Provide an environment that fosters continuous research and a scientific aptitude will be developed in students
  • PO 4: Students will be aware of and able to develop solution-oriented approach towards various Social and Environmental issues.
  • PO 5: Utilize computer programming skills to solve theoretical and applied problems by critical understanding, analysis and synthesis.
  • PO 6: Mould the students into responsible citizens in a rapidly changing interdependent society.
  • PO 7: Understand the ethical and societal implications of computing and adhere to professional codes of conduct.
  • PO 8: Demonstrate effective communication and presentation skills to convey technical information clearly.
  • PO 9: Graduate will demonstrate an ability to work effectively as an individual and as a team member/ leader in multi-disciplinary areas.
  • PO 10: Students will become employable; Students will be eligible for career opportunities in education field or Industry.
  • PO 11: Equip with skills and competency to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • PO 12: Graduate will recognize the need of self-education and ability to engage in life - long learning.


  • PSO1: To familiarize students to the concepts and theories related to computer science, data analysis, finance, investments and modern marketing.
  • PSO2: Evaluate various social and economic problems in the society and develop answer to the problems as global citizens.


  • PEO1.Graduates are able to work as professional planners, researchers, and managers in the field of urban and regional planning, based on scientific rationale, focusing on spatial aspects.
  • PEO2.Graduates are able to master and ensure the whole planning cycle, from plan-making, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of the next planning cycle
  • PEO3.Graduates are able to communicate and work with the community and the public to achieve better and sustainable urban and region.

Course Outcomes (COs)

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