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  • To understand the general trends and patterns for the data.
  • Analyzing data and drawing Inference.
  • Making predictions about future events and behaviors.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Gathering data
  • Performing statistical analysis
  • Preparing industry reports
  • Identifying opportunities to improve processes


To familiarize students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with the role of probabilistic as well as descriptive and inferential statistical ideas in modern science and technology. To Provide in-depth knowledge regarding the theory and application of modern Statistical techniques that are commonly used for data analysis.


To continue shaping the statistical thoughts in the coming decades through extraordinary teaching and Research.

Club members

Club coordinator

  • Mrs. S. M. Surya
  • Ms. J. Shilpa

Club members

  • President : J. K. Mahalakshmi
  • Vice President : P. M. Sandhya
  • Secretary : P. Aarthi
  • Assistant Secretary : M. Gayathri
  • Treasurer : J. M. Harshini