Department Of English

"The Essence of Education lies in drawing out the very best that is in you."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Course Offered : BA English Literature (UG - 3 Years)

Course overview

You will study a range of literature, from classics to modern novels, and poetry. Understanding their implied meanings is part of the territory. Similes, metaphors and interpretations will be part of the course. Your writing skills and reading of literature will widen your perspectives as you do the course

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who have passed higher secondary examination are eligible.


You can choose from a number of jobs, such as a Publisher, as a Writer, as an Advertiser, as a Researcher, as a Translator or as a Trainer. Becoming a scriptwriter or Author is another possibility. You can become an English Teacher too.



The University of Madras has introduced the choice based credit system for all the students. The purpose of this system is to encourage students to choose the specific field of study pertaining to their interest.

The main subject of Study for Bachelor Degree Courses shall consist of the following:

(a) Students who have not studied Tamil up to XII Standard and taken a Non Tamil Language under Part-I shall take Basic Tamil comprising two courses (level will be at 6th Standard).

(b) Students who have studied Tamil up to XII Std. and taken a Non Tamil Language under Part-I shall take Advanced Tamil comprising two courses.

(c) Students who do not come under (a) or (b) can choose non-major elective comprising two courses.

Skill Based Subjects (elective) - (Soft Skills).

1. Environmental Studies.

2. Value Education.

A Candidate shall be awarded a maximum of 2 credit cards for compulsory Extension Service.


During the course of study, the evaluation of a candidate will be based on both Continuous Assessment test for 25 marks and University examination for 75 marks.

The Continuous assessment marks will be based on:

1. Internal examinations conducted by the college,

2. Assignments

3. Seminar

4. Attendance.

I Elizabethan Age, Milton and the Neo-Classical Age An Introduction to the Social History of England -
II The Romantic Age, The Victorian Age Introduction to the Literary Forms -
III Twentieth Century Paper I – Prose and Drama, Modern English Grammar and Usage History of English Literature – 1500 - 1798 -
IV Twentieth Century Paper I – Poetry and Fiction, History of English Language History of English Literature – 1798 - Present Day -
V Shakespeare I, Indian Writing in English, American Literature I - Prose and Drama, An Introduction to General Linguistics and Communication - Post Colonial Literatures in English
VI Shakespeare II, American Literature II - Poetry and Fiction, English Phonetics and Phonology - Indian Literatures in Translation, Journalism