Department Of BioTechnology - UG

The department was established in 2003 with a B.Sc and M.Sc in Bio-Technology. Our Department has well equipped air conditioned laboratories and consists of Cell and molecular biology lab, Tissue culture lab, Genetic engineering lab, Immunology lab, Bioprocess engineering lab, Bioinformatics lab, Biochemistry lab and Microbiology lab.


Applicants who have taken science with or without mathematics in higher secondary examination are eligible.


Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological system to produce that advances Healthcare, Medicine, Agriculture, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Environment control.

B.Sc degree on the other hand focuses more on the biological sciences aspect of Biotechnology. The main emphasis will be on R&D in biological sciences fields such as Genetic Engineering, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Microbiology and Microbial Genetics etc.,

The sophisticated equipments in the department are:

PCR machines, Spectrophotometer, High speed cooling centrifuge, Incubator shaker, Hot air ovens, Incubators, BOD incubator CO2 incubator, Fermentor, ELISA Reader, Deep freezers, Laminar air flow chambers, Electroporater, Gel Documentation system, Microtome, SDS-PAGE apparatus, UV Transilluminator, Binocular microscopes, Culture room, Homogeniser, Ultra centirifuge, Table tob centrifuge, membrace filter system, Double distillation unit, Inverted microscope, chromatography units, Hamocytometer, Halmoglobinometer, Halmometer, Immuno electrophorests apparatrs, Westurn-blot apparatus, Computers with high speed Pentium V processor, Multimedia facilities, Laser printers Bioinformatics software.

Courses Offered & Duration:



The University of Madras has introduced the choice based credit system for all the students. The purpose of this system is to encourage students to choose the specific field of study pertaining to their interest.

The main subject of Study for Bachelor Degree Courses shall consist of the following:

(a) Students who have not studied Tamil up to XII Standard and taken a Non Tamil Language under Part-I shall take Basic Tamil comprising two courses (level will be at 6th Standard).

(b) Students who have studied Tamil up to XII Std. and taken a Non Tamil Language under Part-I shall take Advanced Tamil comprising two courses.

(c) Students who do not come under (a) or (b) can choose non-major elective comprising two courses.

Skill Based Subjects (elective) - (Soft Skills).

1. Environmental Studies.

2. Value Education.

A Candidate shall be awarded a maximum of 2 credit cards for compulsory Extension Service.


During the course of study, the evaluation of a candidate will be based on both Continuous Assessment test for 25 marks and University examination for 75 marks.

The Continuous assessment marks will be based on:

1. Internal examinations conducted by the college,

2. Assignments

3. Seminar

4. Attendance.